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Johnston County Area Transit System (JCATS)

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(919) 202-5030
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(800) 735-2962


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1050 W Noble St
Selma, NC 27576

JCATS was established in 1985 when NC Department of Transportation required consolidation of county transportation services. Prior to this, individual human service agencies such as Department of Social Services, Mental Health, Johnston County Industries, and others, each provided their own transportation.


Today, JCATS is a division of Community & Senior Services of Johnston County, Inc. (CSS), and is governed by the CSS Board along with guidance from the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB). TAB members include community representatives from county agencies, elected officials, and the general public.


JCATS operates a fleet of over thirty (30) buses and vans which are ADA compliant to assist those with specialized needs. All are wheelchair accessible. JCATS offers transportation through contracting human service agencies and for the general public.


Our ADA Coordinator can be reached at (919) 202-5030.


If you are a county resident, you are eligible to ride JCATS!

Download Forms Here

Title 6 Complaint Form
JCATS Reasonable Modification
Request Form

Funding, Support, and Policy


JCATS is one of approximately 100 transit systems across North Carolina. As a private non profit, a portion of JCATS funding is through local, state and federal grants. JCATS also receives fares from public transportation and payment from county agencies on a shared per mile basis. JCATS receives direct consulting support from NCDOT in addition to peer support from other county transit systems.

Americans with Disabilities Act Policy

It is the policy of Johnston County Area Transit System to abide by all provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and US Department of Transportation (DOT) implementation regulation found at 49 CFR Parts 27, 37 and 38 as amended, in the delivery of transit services that are open to the public and prohibits discrimination based on disability and sets specific requirements that transit agencies must follow.


Reasonable Modification Public Notice

 Johnston County Area Transit System (JCATS) is committed to ensuring a reliable, accessible experience for all customers. If, due to a disability, you are not able to fully utilize JCATS programs and services because of a policy or procedure that JCATS has established, you may submit a request for a modification of the policy or procedure. To request a modification, complete a request for policy procedure form which is available by clicking this link or by calling 919-202-5030. All requests for reasonable modifications to JCATS policies or procedures will be considered on an individual basis. Please note that JCATS may be unable to accommodate requests for modifications which would:
(1) result in a fundamental alteration to the nature of the service;
(2) create a direct threat to the health or safety of others, and;
(3) create an undue financial or administrative burden.

Requests for modifications might also not be granted if JCATS determines that the service can be fully utilized without the requested change. In the event that a barrier to access exists, but the requested modification cannot be granted, JCATS will, to the maximum extent possible, assist in determining other possible actions that might be taken to provide access to its programs and services.


Title VI Notice to the Public of Protection under Title VI & Notice of Complaint Procedure U.S. Department of Justice regulations, 28 Code of the Federal Regulations, Section 42.405, Public Dissemination of Title VI Information, requires recipients of Federal financial assistance to publish or broadcast program information in the news media. Advertisements must state that the program is an equal opportunity program and/or indicate that Federal law prohibits discrimination. Additionally reasonable steps shall be taken to publish information in languages understood by the population eligible to be served or likely to be directly affected by senior service or transportation projects.


Community and Senior Services of Johnston County (CSS) hereby gives public notice that it is the policy of the agency to assure full compliance with the Title VI Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987, Executive Order 12898 Federal Actions to Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations and Low- Income Populations, Executive Order 13166 Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency, and related nondiscrimination statues and regulations in all programs and services. It is the Agency's policy that no person in the United States shall, on the grounds of race, color, sex, age, income status, national origin, or disabilities be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination under any program, activities, or services for which Community & Senior Services of Johnston Co. (CSS) receives Federal financial assistance.


***Any person who believes they have been mistreated by an unlawful discriminatory practice under Title VI  or ADA policy has a right to file a formal complaint with CSS.***


Complaints must be filed in writing no later than 180 days after the alleged act of discrimination occurred to, 1363 W. Market St., Smithfield, NC 27577.

Title VI or ADA complaint forms may be obtained from the CSS office at not cost by calling 919-934-6066, or by downloading the desired form(s) to the left.

JCATS Employment Policy

It is the policy of Community and Senior Services of Johnston County, Inc. as a federal-aid recipient, to ensure that no person shall, on the ground of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any of our programs and activities, as provided by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987, and all other related nondiscrimination laws and requirements.

JCATS in the Spotlight of the NC Department of Transportation for Serving the Community

JCATS has been working with their partner agencies, including Community and Senior Services and the Health Department, to serve their community in several unique ways:


Transporting Healthcare Workers to Mass Vaccination Site

On January 22, JCATS was called by Emergency Services to pick up over 60 health care workers at the Health Dept. and transport them to and from Johnston Community College to operate a mass vaccination clinic. To comply with social distancing, JCATS used several vehicles and kept the number of passengers low on each trip. The drivers reported that, at the Mass Vaccination Site, people were parked all around the campus as well as in the street.  The National Guard and sheriff deputies helped JCATS vehicles get in and out of the traffic. JCAT’s was able to use their two-way radios, which include EMS channels, to enable direct communication in emergencies.

Transporting elderly citizens to Vaccination Clinics: Partner access to Scheduling

JCATS has organized a process to make appointments and provide free transportation to get vaccinated. This avoids them having to deal with long wait times at mass vaccination sites, and helps those who don't drive.  People can call any of three agencies (Community and Senior Services, Health Dept., or JCATS) to request an appointment. These requests are then vetted by the Health Dept. to ensure eligibility.

Once a request is approved, any of the three agencies (including the Health Department) can enter the ride request directly into the JCATS scheduling software (via our CTS Trip Portal module). JCATS schedules the ride and confirms the appointment with the rider. The whole process is paperless and minimizes manual data re-entry.


Transporting hot meals to seniors

In coordination with CSS, JCATS has helped to deliver hot meals two times so far (which is over the course of 4 days), once in November and once in January. CSS provided the meals and staff to make the deliveries and JCATS provided transportation.  In January, JCATS delivered 184 meals and in November, JCATS delivered 200 meals.  JCATS is scheduled to repeat this four more times between now and June.


JCATS driver delivering meals to seniors in the community

     The North Carolina Public Transportation Association (NCPTA) recently held its annual conference in Charlotte, NC. JCATS was honored to receive the 2016 Safety Award, presented to the community transportation system with the best safety record.
     Executive Director Neal Davis noted, "Our fleet provided over 100,000 rides and traveled over 1 million miles. That's equivalent to a trip from New York to Los Angeles every day! Our well-trained and dedicated drivers made this award possible.”


“We are fortunate to have such a caring team of professionals."

~ Neal Davis

JCATS is Honored to Receive an Award for First Place Among It's Peers in
Performance Excellence

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Training Goes Above and Beyond

This might be an oldy but it is a goody. Driver training is a serious

job, and a very focused effort must be utilized. A variety of issues

can occur.

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