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We offer help to the Caregiver in a variety of ways:


It can be very frustrating, upsetting, overwhelming.  It can be even more difficult when you are all alone. Our support groups offer comfort during difficult times and celebrations during those special moments. We offer 2 group sessions, offered during the day or evening, so that you connect with others in a situation similar to yours.



Once a year, we hold a FREE Caregiver's retreat. We set aside a Saturday (usually) and for a few hours we provide information from professionals in the areas concerning caregivers today (such as Alzheimer's and Parkinsens Disease) as well as books, pamphlets and more on many subjects. We provide a meal, music entertainment, and even door prizes all designed for the caregiver to get away and treat themselves for a few relaxing hours to unwind.



Each year in November, the County and the State recognizes Alzheimer's Month. We hold a ceremony in the atrium of the courthouse in downtown Smithfield. We hold a candlelighting ceremony remembering those we have lost and honoring those currently living with Alzheimer's disease or other dementias, and their dedicated caregivers.


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Jdge JoyJones, JoyceH, DrReneeWatson
Jdge JoyJones, JoyceH, DrReneeWatson

Judge Joy Jones was our emcee, and Dr. Watson our special speaker. Joyce Holloman is our Senior Services Director.

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Caregiver Support

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We will soon announce upcoming events of:

Annual Caregiver Retreat

Held each year around April-May


Candlelight Reflections

Held each year around November

Slide show of 2018 & 19 Caregiver Retreats and Candlelight  Reflections 2018. Click to enlarge.

welcome poster
After Retreat Facebook notice
Welcome Poster
Atty. Rupe Gill
Joyce and Deborah i
Tracey Greggs
Painting class
Massage joy
Many nice door prizes
Donna White's Story
Candlelighting Ceremony
Candlelight Reflections 2018
Donna White and Neal Davis
Dr. Watson
Ollie Stallings
Melanie Bunn
Janelli McNeal
Dr. Watson
Food and social time
Attendees have lunch
Good food
Joyce Holloman
WM Baptist Ch Ministry
Pam Maynor


A break for the caregiver can be provided to the primary caregiver caring for a senior with dementia or a disabling condition. Primary caregivers often dedicate all of their energy to meeting the needs of a loved one while postponing their own needs jeopardizing their own physical health and emotional well-being. Our respite care is grant funded and provided through a local home health agency. This service requires a care level assessment by a registered nurse and respite service by a certified nursing assistant.


All programs are monitored by the Area Agency on Aging for compliance.



We have a variety of books, CDs & DVDs regarding several different topics related to caregiving that are available through our lending library, and some as a free gift.

Some of our topics include:

Alzheimer's, Dementia, Parkinson's, Cancer, Caregiver Survival Guides, Legal Decisions, Home Safety, and Bathing without a battle.


Caregiver Links


We talk with family caregivers every day who are looking for answers. They often tell us that the role of caregiver chose them, rather than the reverse. We are constantly amazed by the caregivers’ determination to provide the best possible care for the loved one in the home environment for as long as possible.
There are many resources on the internet today, which can help a family caregiver quickly get up to speed on a variety of common caregiving challenges.

Here are a few:

Video Caregiving  <-- (click to view the online page in another window)
is an excellent resource that offers information on a wide array of subjects, including Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, falls prevention, infection control, advance directives, the emotional impact of caregiving, etc. If you are caring for someone with a memory illness (Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia), there is a vast assortment of web resources.

The Home Caregiver Network has a large assortment of videos addressing: Basic, intermediate, and advanced skills; coping & emotional skills; essential & practical skills; hands-on skills; helpful products; and guide to long-term care.
also has a wealth of articles, videos, resources, and special programs on a variety of caregiving topics. even has a dedicated channel on YouTube. YouTube also features a Family Caregiver Network Video Series.
Maybe you have a Medicare-related concern or question. is a website devoted to family caregivers. Cutting-edge research lays the foundation for our solid solutions to challenges in the senior living industry, including recruitment, mentorship, education, and retention.


Caring for the Caregiver