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Our Mission:
To provide housing and transportation for the benefit of the community; to provide services and opportunities that empower older adults to remain active and connected, enabling them to lead quality lives of independence.

Our Board of Directors is composed of elected volunteers representing a cross section of our county and various professions. A total of 15 Board seats are authorized with one seat reserved for a County Commissioner and one for a representative of the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB).

These Board seats are currently held by the following persons:

Jimmy Parker - Chairman
Steve Strickland - Vice-Chair, (TAB Chair)


Billie Lawson

Lloyd Barnes

Nacy Washington

Don Boyette

Bill Sharek

E. Marie Dodson (919) 632-4376

     Senior Tarheel Legislator

Lee Byrd

     Secretary Treasurer


2024 Board of Directors Meeting Dates

     January 25th

     March 28th

     May 30th

     July 25th

     September 26th

     November 21st

All meetings occur in person at the CSS main office and begin at 9am. If you would like to attend a Board of Directors meeting, please notify Josh Jensen, Executive Director at 919-934-6066.


Chairman Jimmy ParkerVice Chair Steve StricklandBillie LawsonLloyd BarnesNacy WashingtonDon BoyetteBill SharekE. Marie DodsonLee Byrd-Secretary Treasurer

2023 CSS
Annual Report
(coming soon)

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