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CSS is now certified as an official counseling site for S.H.I.I.P., the Senior Health Insurance Information Program of the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

We are located at 1363 W. Market Street in Smithfield.







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"Exploring End-of-Life Care Options"



Options Counseling


A decision and support process including:

  • Listening to expressed preferences, values & needs

  • Talking about options based on needs & preferences

  • Supporting an individual to make informed choices

  • Connecting the individual to services

  • Following up with the individual (status check-in)

















Who Can Benefit?  A person who is:

  • having increased difficulty managing household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, but wants to remain at home

  • no longer driving due to chronic health condition, and lives alone in an area without readily available public transportation

  • planning to retire, and wants to discuss options to sustain health, wellness, and independence

  • trying to decide whether to move in with family, move to an apartment, or move to an assisted living facility

  • returning home from a rehabilitation center following a spinal cord injury

  • relocating and exploring available housing and other support options

  • supporting an adult with a disability, and wants to make plans in the event of being unable to continue providing care

  • unsure on how to begin planning for future personal and family needs after a recent diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease

  • concerned about the well-being planning of an aging parent living alone and making contact on behalf of the parent to learn about available supports



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