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Our Centers

                           for Older Adults

3 CENTERS for Active Aging     ... and

Senior Dining Centers for Food & Fellowship


Active Aging Centers:


Benson Center for Active Aging

1204 N. Johnson St., Benson, NC

(919) 894-2370

e-mail: Benson


Clayton Center for Active Aging

303 Dairy Rd., Clayton, NC

(919) 553-4350

email: Clayton


Harrison (in Selma) Center for Active Aging

611 West Noble St., Selma, NC

(919) 965-6478

email: Selma




2019 Senior Games

Senior Dining Centers:


Princeton Senior Dining Center

412 W. Third Str.

(919) 936-2184

E-mail: Princeton


Smithfield Senior Dining Center

606 Caswell St.

(919) 934-8701

E-mail: Smithfield



Have you visited our Centers lately?

Many of our centers offer, on an ongoing basis, a variety of things to keep active, healthy, and social. For example, walking clubs, holiday parties, monthly bookmobile, field trips, shopping, birthday celebrations, exercise classes, dancing, crafting, and a multitude of charity activities. Activities such as coffee socials, games, etc. are scheduled in between these ongoing events. Some of these are: educational counseling, vision and hearing screenings, blood pressure checks, flu shots, educational visits from doctors, dentists, law specialists, etc..


Adults 50 years of age and up are welcome to participate in any activity, etc. at all 5 of the centers. Congregate meals are offered to those 60 and older.

Why Our Centers Differ.....

In 2012 we rebranded our congregate nutrition sites as “Senior Dining Centers” and renamed our senior centers “Centers for Active Aging”.


What’s the difference? The nutrition program provides a hot lunch in a group setting where older adults can come together to socialize, receive health education, and engage in a some activities. The nutrition program is a vital service, but it must be differentiated from a senior center, which provides much more extensive services and programs. Senior centers serve as a focal point for older adults, offering a wide range of services, programs, and activities. They must respond to the diverse needs of ALL older adults in the community. Participants can come and go throughout the day to attend whatever programs they find appealing.  The underlying idea is that older adults are individuals and therefore programming must be diverse enough to appeal to a wide audience. The Harrison Center for Active Aging is the FIRST all purpose senior center in the Smithfield/Selma area. All three Centers for Active Aging are now proud Excellence Award holders! CSS is proud the community is already embracing all it has to offer so far with astounding attendance and participation!

Center Differences
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