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JCATS has been working with their partner agencies, including Community and Senior Services and the Health Department, to serve their community in several unique ways:


Transporting Healthcare Workers to Mass Vaccination Site

On January 22, JCATS was called by Emergency Services to pick up over 60 health care workers at the Health Dept. and transport them to and from Johnston Community College to operate a mass vaccination clinic. To comply with social distancing, JCATS used several vehicles and kept the number of passengers low on each trip. The drivers reported that, at the Mass Vaccination Site, people were parked all around the campus as well as in the street.  The National Guard and sheriff deputies helped JCATS vehicles get in and out of the traffic. JCAT’s was able to use their two-way radios, which include EMS channels, to enable direct communication in emergencies.

Transporting elderly citizens to Vaccination Clinics: Partner access to Scheduling

JCATS has organized a process to make appointments and provide free transportation to get vaccinated. This avoids them having to deal with long wait times at mass vaccination sites, and helps those who don't drive.  People can call any of three agencies (Community and Senior Services, Health Dept., or JCATS) to request an appointment. These requests are then vetted by the Health Dept. to ensure eligibility.

Once a request is approved, any of the three agencies (including the Health Department) can enter the ride request directly into the JCATS scheduling software (via our CTS Trip Portal module). JCATS schedules the ride and confirms the appointment with the rider. The whole process is paperless and minimizes manual data re-entry.


Transporting hot meals to seniors

In coordination with CSS, JCATS has helped to deliver hot meals two times so far (which is over the course of 4 days), once in November and once in January. CSS provided the meals and staff to make the deliveries and JCATS provided transportation.  In January, JCATS delivered 184 meals and in November, JCATS delivered 200 meals.  JCATS is scheduled to repeat this four more times between now and June.

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